A downloadable game for Windows

PLEASE NOTE: This game is not done yet, and the full game is possibly gonna be leaked in 2024. (And dont consider this as a Yandere Simulator Rip-Off, Please.
im HIGHLY inspired by that game and i used some assets, Credits go to YandereDev (yanderesimulator.com) Please consider this as a Fangame, And not as a Ripoff. Thanks! ^_^

You play as a Boy/Girl (you choose) thats getting bulied. The protagonist is getting bullied so mch, that he is afraid of getting near school. BUT.. one day, they had gone too far. He got insane. And now he wants to kill every bully in the WHOLE school. How will this end? Play the game to see!


Install instructions

1: Download the game.

2: Open the installed ZIP file.

3: Unzip the game. (Move to Desktop is recommended)

4: Open the INSANE.exe file.

5: Put the right settings for your computer.

6: Play!


INSANE.zip 151 MB